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Jul 21 2018, 02:50 PM
  • Forum Roleplay Directory - We have a robust forum roleplay directory that includes:
    Common advertising links available right from the directory listing.
    A spot for every type of roleplay category.
    Site Updates available in your listing.
    Comments straight in your listing.
  • Codex - Post templates, app templates and more. It's our copy and paste directory made easy.
  • Skins & Theme Directory - Our theme directory which includes all of the resources you need, images included, in one easy download.
  • Play-by (Faceclaim) Directory - Finding a play-by made easy. Narrow your search by traits that you're looking for in your character representation -- or contribute new ones!
  • Guides & Documentations - From managing roleplays to how to code these guides will help you in roleplay and real life.
  • Writing Partners - Where you can find new Roleplay partners to play with.
  • Challenges - Make your own contests to challenge other members or join into staff run contacts and get your site featured on our community index or as a spotlight at the top of the site!
  • Access to our coteries (private groups) as a place to roleplay with writing partners or join other like minded people.
  • Access to our MTV's THE REAL WORLD! (or regular everyday non-RP) chat.
  • Plus so much more!

Jun 15 2018, 03:21 PM
Angel - He's dating Buffy Summers and currently running Angel Investigations out of the rebuilt offices of Wolfram & Hart. He is still a vampire but he cannot lose his soul.

Bobbie Jernigan - Watcher. One of the good ones. Dating Dania Fredrikson.

Charles Gunn - Demon Hunter. Lawyer. Dating Winifred Burkle.

Cordell Fowler - Watcher/Federal Agent. Single. Needs friends, enemies and a lover.

Cory Lindsey - Talk Show Host/Watcher. Single.

Denholm Herbert - Waiter/Slayer. Single.
Mar 28 2017, 03:02 PM
I'm posting this on behalf of someone I consider a good friend. Her Mom passed away recently and she has a gofundme page to help with funeral costs, because her boyfriend has been iffy as fuck and one minute agrees to help pay for the funeral, and then the next refuses. Every little bit helps, and if you can share this in your own personal circles, that would be amazing.
Feb 7 2017, 11:32 PM
Feb 7 2017, 11:26 PM

Welcome to We are Stars!

We are a Jcink startup resource site! We are a site, designed to help newbie boards get off the ground and flourish! We have a variety of pre-mades for members to use (graphics, coding, skins, sites, etc.), as well as a place for members to bounce ideas off of each other. We are welcoming to ALL sites, no matter what type of board they are (anime/manga, hobbyist, roleplay, 18+, etc.). We also have an area for guides and tutorials to be posted about site owning!

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