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Jack Manning


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Jan 7 2017, 06:58 PM
Walking inside of the bar, dressed in jeans, black shirt, black jacket and black shoes, Jack said hello to his employees and some of the customers here tonight, who were looking forward to a very good time tonight. Though Jack in a way was hurt and I don't mean well he got his heart broken by a girl or someone took a cheap shot at him, actually it was his arm at the top that was hurting after last night when Jack came in contact with a dangerous vampire last night who was trying to feed off of an innocent woman, who looked drunk and was lost. Luckily for Jack, he was able to tell the vampire to back off and get away from her but the vampire wanted to dispose Jack so he went after him, and Jack, using his knowledge as a slayer, knew what to do. It was a very long fight between the two but Jack as always came out on top. How you may ask? Well he did jump back not letting the vampire take a hold on him and using his weapons, cutting off his arm and even the vampires head before the vampire dusted. Though before he could finish off the vampire, the vampire took a huge shot at the top of his arm which hurt like hell due to his strength, so at least the vampire got to Jack until the vampire was no more. He helped the young lady back to her apartment,explained who he is and what he does, finally giving him his number to call him just in case. It was hard for the young woman to understand but at least she knows she is not alone anyway and has the help she needs when encountering another vampire.

Going around and into the counter section of the bar, Jack took off his jacket and put it on the coat hanger before grabbing one of the bibs that he uses when it comes to bar tending. Though right off the bad as he went to a guy to get his order and got right to work before he used his eyes to look around the bar to see if their was anything unusual tonight such as supernatural beings, vampires, maybe supernatural beings taking over human bodies and portraying them, the usual stuff like that. But so far there was none of that which is a good thing because even though Jack wasn't one to back away from anyone who is trying to come after him or take him head on, it's just that you have all of these other innocent people who don't know the strange and bizarre things that exist in this world. Some would just call it one big fat joke so that no one will even think about it, but for guys like Jack, who was actually trained by his parents who were slayers too, including other slayers, they knew the risks and if they had a family and didn't get back home to their loved ones, it would be hard upon their families of taking the hard news but not understanding how someone they love, who is a slayer is dead because of a vampire, etc. "Here you go sir", Jack said, giving the guy the beer he ordered before seeing a pretty woman come into the bar but sensed that she had an attitude like she was some kind of badass out of nowhere. "And what can I help you with tonight? Looks like you need a long and hard drink"

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