In an epic battle between the forces of good and evil, Sunnydale and the Hellmouth have been decimated. The story of how one girl in all the world was able to defeat the scourge of Hell will never go down in the history books of mankind but the survivors know the truth and they will never forget those friends and loved ones who fell in battle.

Angel’s team has suffered overwhelming casualties too after clashing with Wolfram and Hart in the streets of L.A. They believe they have dealt a grievous blow to the plans of the Senior Partners but the cost was devastating.

The time to regroup and mourn is cut short however when Giles stumbles upon a dangerous secret in the remnants of the Watcher’s Council library. There is another Hellmouth and not just any kind of Hellmouth but Hell’s Gate which opens every Hellmouth on Earth. Wolfram & Hart have narrowed the location down to L.A. but it will be a race against time to see who can find it first.


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